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Winfield hopes additional stop sign will slow racing on the drag strip

Jun 11, 2013


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WINFIELD — The Winfield City Council discussed last night possibly creating a new ordinance — this one to put in a new stop sign.

Several residents came to the meeting to alert the council of some drivers using a section of road as a racetrack in an area with a lot of children.

According to Chase Boyer, the corner of Pine Street and Maple Street is the most dangerous of the stretch.

“Within a two-block radius of our house, we have over 20 kids,” said Boyer. “And there seems to also be a racetrack on Maple Street. It is unbelievable how tires come flying down Maple Street trying to see who can get to the stop sign the fastest.”

At least one member of the council acknowledged that this was an existing problem.

“I witnessed it just the other day,” said councilman Ryan Rees.

“I have little kids and they aren’t even five feet from the street when cars come by at over 50 miles per hour,” said Boyer. “And there are little kids that play outside at the daycare down the street. You would not believe how fast people are going down that street. There really needs to be a stop sign there or somebody is going to get hurt.”

Residents have tried other ways of getting the drivers attention, with no luck.

“Yelling at them like a crazy person doesn’t help. I’ve tried that,” said Emily Burgus.

“We sat out the other night around nine o’clock (9 p.m.) and just watched. There were over a half a dozen cars that went by, just flying by,” said Jason Burgus.

When the extent of the safety concern became clear, Mayor Chirs Finnell questioned how a change could be made.

“Does this require an ordinance, or can we just do a resolution?” Finnell asked Jan Walter, past city clerk. City Clerk Angie Oepping was not present at the meeting, so Walter was acting as city clerk for the meeting.

“If you are going to do a sign, you need to have an ordinance,” Walter replied.

With the amount of children in the area, Finnell recommended that a “children playing” sign be added to the possible stop sign.

“I don’t know how much it would cost to get a children playing sign with the stop sign,” said Finnell. “The children playing sign should be there anyway. You should get your stop sign, but it does take time to have an ordinance. It requires another posting and another meeting. You would think it could just be as easy as going out and planting a sign. We will see what we can do until then. Maybe we can enhance our patrolling.”

In other business, the council:

• Discussed part-time employees’ vacation and sick pay.

• Approved a change order for the watermain project on Huntsberry street.

• Agreed to pay for half of the Crooked Creek Days Haight Electric bill, with the CCD committee paying the other half.

• Heard an update on the hazard mitigation meeting.

• Discussed the preventative maintenance agreement with Digital Office Solutions.

The next city council meeting will be held at City Hall on Monday, July 8, at 7 p.m.

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