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Neighbors Growing Together | Jul 20, 2018

Writer applauds local ‘good guy’

Jul 28, 2017

To the editor,


A while back, I was driving home from Winfield with my old car loaded on the trailer when I came across a car sitting along side the road.

Now this is something we all see quite often, but this one was different, it was a 1977 AMC Pacer; remember them? This car was beautiful, or at least as much as a Pacer can be. It had won national honors of first place, but yet with over 300,000 miles it gave up.

Well here stood the original owner “Bud” with his wife who were both very distraught over their situation. They were from northern Minnesota headed to the East Coast for a national AMC meet and knew no one in the area. I told them the situation wasn’t hopeless and called a local wrecker service to get them into town, got them a hotel room and figured out a plan.

Now, this isn’t a story about a car, rather a chance to point out the good in people that we rarely hear about nowadays. What had happened to the Pacer was a part had failed that wasn’t available any longer. It was a lot worse than what was originally first thought.

With the pieces in hand, at 6 p.m., on a Saturday night, I contacted my friend Rich Kinney, a local machinist and fabricator on East Washington Street and asked for his help for these people.

He had just gotten home from a day trip away with his wife, probably tired, and yet being a “car guy” understood the situation these people were in.

Since the part we needed wasn’t available anymore, Rich put his talents to work and made a new one. This meant he spent the next five hours helping someone he didn’t even know, he could have turned them away, yet he didn’t.

So just short of midnight, with all parts back in place, the Pacer came back to life.

This day everything just came together for those people in a bad situation to find the right guy, a good guy, to help them who was Rich Kinney from here in our town.

Well done, Rich. Thanks again.


Lynn Conrad, Mt. Pleasant

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