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Writer considers school job a blessing

Aug 08, 2014

To the editor:

I am writing in response to a letter written concerning the leadership in the Mt Pleasant Community School District. In the letter the writer stated, “If you honestly want to know what is going on in the district — ask a teacher, a para-educator, a lunchroom worker, a bus driver, a maintenance person, an administrative assistant or a long-term substitute.”

I have been an administrative assistant for the Mt Pleasant Community School District for over 16 years. I consider my job a blessing, not something I deserve and that it should not be taken for granted. I currently work daily with Dr Wells in the Superintendent’s Office. Since his first day of work, I have not witnessed the bullying, insults, etc that several in the community are stating have been happening. I also want to let the truth be known about the “numerous staff members that have left the district.” Due to having to be careful of infringing on someone’s privacy, I will just say that over 90% of those that left the district this year, are now either retired or employed in or much closer to their hometown, which was not Mt Pleasant. I find this to make more sense, than the staff leaving due to the new superintendent.

I am personally discouraged that some of the employees in the Mt Pleasant Community School District choose to not act like employees are expected in their place of employment. I was raised, that if my boss asks me to do something and it is not immoral or illegal, then I should do it or my choice is to find a new job, not try to get my boss fired for doing what he/she was hired to do….run a business. I admit, I loved having “jean Fridays,” but when Dr Wells request was that we should all dress professionally, which did not include jeans or flip flops, I asked myself, “Is he asking me to do anything inappropriate? …NO,” so I abide by the dress code that has been set forth. Unfortunately there were staff members in the district that choose to mock Dr Wells by wearing inappropriate attire to work in front of their students. I felt this was a terrible reflection of their position and their respect of authority. The examples that our teachers and staff set, have a tremendous influence on their students. I know my own son had many wonderful teachers that were great influences during his time at MPCSD.

I keep hearing how some of our employees are tired of being harassed/bullied by their boss. I am also tired of people constantly asking me “How is your job going?” and “What do you think of your new boss?” I could say this is a form of “harassment” too. It feels like I am playing the old telephone game, because the words I say can quickly become twisted and in the end sound negative or derogative towards the school system, school board or the superintendent.

As far as the “No Confidence” vote totals, I feel they were a bit misleading. They were correct in that the vote was 99-3, but it has never been mentioned that there are 166 total teachers in our school district. I have asked different people within the school system exactly who was allowed to vote, but there seems to be a discrepancy in answers. If all staff were involved, there would have been a total of approximately 350 people. I am sure that the people who presented these numbers would say that the other staff chose to not vote because they were scared of what would happen to them by the superintendent, but my thinking is what if they didn’t vote, because they are afraid of the bullying or backlash they may receive from their fellow staff members because they would not have voted negatively against our superintendent?

I have wanted to write this letter for months, but I have the same feeling that the teachers are stating is their concern…after this is published; I will be harassed, criticized and bullied for stating what the truth is. I am certain some people will say I was forced to write this letter, but I am stating that these are my thoughts. I decided I cannot let what others think about me be my driving factor, but that clearing the air and the truth being told was more important.

Tonya Stutzman


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